We currently have syrup in Golden, Amber, Dark and Very Dark. 

Stop in or buy online for pickup or shipping.

Please bring along any rinsed and capped empty jugs for a deposit credit.

Pure New York Maple Syrup

Grading System

Goldendelicate flavor and lightest color

Amber—rich flavor and light amber color

Dark—robust flavor and dark amber color

Very Dark—strong flavor and darkest color

Pure Maple Syrup

We offer a deposit credit for clean, capped, empty syrup jugs or cream tubs with our logo.

Maple Confections 

Maple Cream 

1 pound tub $15

1/2 pound tub $9

Maple Peanuts

large $8

small $5

Maple Sugar

shaker $7

Maple Sugar Candies

12 count $10