🍁 Thank you to all who visited our sugarhouse during 

the 2024 Maple Weekend Events! 🍁

Stay tuned for future events.

Maple Weekend is an annual agri-tourism event in New York State, spanning four days on two weekends in March. It allows visitors to experience family traditions of maple syrup producers, learn the syrup-making process, smell the aroma of maple sap boiling, and taste various maple products. It’s a delightful opportunity to explore different sugar-making operations. 

Enjoy your visit during the 2024 season!

This event is organized and sponsored by the New York State Maple Producers’ Association. 



Nightingale's Maple Farm

4888 Jersey Hill Rd 

Amsterdam, NY 12010

Located in the Town of Galway 

Off Route 67 - 1 ½ mi West of Rt 147